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At flybuys, we work with a family of Partner retailers you’d use or visit daily. From recharging your Pre-Paid, booking a getaway, paying bills or even surfing the web, you’ll be earning points on the things you do everyday.

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flybuys Dining

flybuys Dining

500 points when you book and dine

flybuys Dining is an exclusive online booking service that's fast, convenient and free! Operated by our partner, book a restaurant when it suits you and your reservation will be instantly confirmed.

There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from nationally, so why not try something new and be rewarded for booking online.

Exclusive online booking service for members to book restaurants online and earn points.

Book and dine and get 500 POINTS!

Dine your way to your next reward.

Book: Search for a restaurant online

Eat: Dine at the restuarant you've booked

Earn: You'll earn 500 points once you've honoured your booking

500 Bonus Points

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