flybuys Toolbar

flybuys Toolbar

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We've turned off the flybuys Toolbar as of 24 July 2014. We apologise for any inconvenience. We aim to provide members with easier and more convenient ways to collect flybuys points and faster ways to reaping the rewards. Check back soon!

After this date, you won't be able to earn any flybuys points by using the Toolbar, so we suggest that you uninstall it (instructions below).

Uninstall from Internet Explorer

  1. Start > Control Panel and go to the remove/uninstall 'Programs' folder.
  2. Find 'flybuys Toolbar' in your list of programs.
  3. Click Uninstall

Uninstall from Chrome

  1. Open Chrome and go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Find the flybuys Toolbar and click on the trash can icon.

Uninstall from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. Hold down ctrl + shift + a
  3. Click Disable or Uninstall for the flybuys Toolbar.
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