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At flybuys, we work with a family of Partner retailers you’d use or visit daily. From recharging your Pre-Paid, booking a getaway, paying bills or even surfing the web, you’ll be earning points on the things you do everyday.

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flybuys Toolbar

flybuys Toolbar

1 point per 2 searches

What is the flybuys Toolbar?

We all search the web every day to read the news, shop, or get handy hints and tips. Now, flybuys is bringing you the flybuys Toolbar – a search engine that gives you 1 point for every 2 searches you make, up to 100 per calendar month.

Downloading the flybuys Toolbar is easy! It’s compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and when installed it sits at the top of your webpage and is there for you to use every time you go online.

The flybuys Toolbar is free to download, so why not do it now and start earning points for online searches you’d be doing anyway.

Additional features:

  • See your points balance without having to login to flybuys
  • Check the latest weather forecast
  • No spyware, malware or viruses.

Download now to start earning flybuys points!

How does it work?

The flybuys Toolbar is a search engine that rewards you!

It sits at the top of your web page and is there for you to use every time you go online. You will earn, 1 point per 2 searches up to 100 flybuys points per calendar month just for surfing the web.

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